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I have two carry guns - Ruger LC9 and STI LS 40. They both fill a niche. the LC9 will fit in most of my pockets. The LS40 actually will fit in some pockets, but is really a bit too heavy for that. Still, if I am going somewhere where I want the comfort of having a more powerful gun, I will choose the LS40.

The little Boberg is something I would really like - a high quality 9mm that is a tad smaller than the LC9. It would basically replace my LC9 (although I wouldn't get rid of the LC9, because it has proven to be very rugged and reliable...and relatively inexpensive) The bigger Boberg offers a lot less than what I already have. Bigger, bulkier, low capacity and still in 9mm. There's just no gain with the bigger Boberg.
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