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I got a rather stupid question. I stuck the cleaning brush into the barrel and it got stuck for a like 5 mins of me trying to pull it out. I kept trying to pull it out but it wouldn't budge. Then I realized I could just use something like a pen and push the darn thing out. But I was wondering is it possible i damaged the Glock barrel? I'd assume NO. I assume the barrels aren't that sensitive. But I just wanted to be sure since i got that cleaning brush stuck in there pretty well and spent 5 mins or so trying to pull it out which probably made it scratch the inside of the barrel, not sure. Then I realized how easy it was to push out by using something like a pen instead of grabbing and trying to pull it out. Hopefully it didnt scratch up/mess up anything in the barrel.

I dobut a Glock is that sensitive, but I'n pretty OCD when it comes to my Glocks so I like to know lol.

Main question of mine regarding this

Even if I did scratch the barrel or hurt it some by me stupidly getting the cleaning brush stuck inside it and trying my hardest to pull it out for 5 mins to no avail - even if I did scratch the inside of the barrel of the Glock will it affect reliability of the Glock AT ALL or will it just simply be a cosmetic thing? Yes, I know I'm OCD about my Glocks

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