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more on .243 and Partitions

Bamaboy dropped a doe yesterday at 150 yds with his Grandad's .243 and a reload using our now standard .243 Nosler Partition.

Bullet went in on the edge of the near shoulder, and out through the middle of the off shoulder, clipping the top of the big heart vessels and upper lungs.
Deer went straight down and did not even kick. I've only seen that once before...same shot, same rifle...but with a factory 100 Core Lokt that time.
The CoreLokt did not exit, but all the deer we've shot w/ .243/100 Partions have been through and through. Not all have dropped in their tracks either, but that is the norm I think.

The wound damage was impressive, a quarter size hole through the ribs into the chest cavity on the in side, a golfball size exit on the other. The exit through the hide was not all that impressive, by that time the Nosler was done. I'd have to say you could not really tell the damage from anything done by a "deer rifle" that was of a larger, heavier caliber. Certainly I've seen '06, .270, .308 wounds that were no more impressive.

I used to be a .243 basher, but I was ignorant and mouthing remarks from others that were as well. I'm sold on the .243 and 100 gr Partitions (for our deer) .
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