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Bowhunting is about, well........hunting, and the satisfaction of some success with a weapon that imposes limits. In my area, it provides a bunch more opportunity to hunt as well, both in time and access to property. And less competition.

Bowhunt seriously for a bit and you will start to become a better hunter, or at least aware of your shortcomings. I went 3 yrs before I ever got a shot. (on deer). Had no real understanding of movement patterns, deer behavior, and the wind and how to tie all that together. I'm still learning too.... and do stupid stuff every miss.

Never did make the trip backwards to a recurve after I left them as a teen. I don't know now if my joints and shoulder would hold up with all the shooting I see necessary to shoot instinctively.

Sights and a release do help and allow some consistancy and ability pretty quick. But the hunt side of it may take longer. It did me (and still is).

Yeah, dust off the bow, practice hard,scout and give it a whirl!!!!!
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