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boy drops another one...story but no pics

Bamaboy (now 17!) dropped a big doe on Sunday PM after church on Sunday, 13Jan and we had a time. We both were tired and simply clambered up into a shooting house together. And the show started.

Made a last minute hunt near home on a ROW and first thing we saw was 13 turkeys, (9 jakes, 1 mature gobbler, 3 hens) They came in to feed on the plot, and in a few minutes, deer started showing up. Two yearlings first and the turkeys sort of "ganged up" on those little deer, chasing them all over the field. Then mature doe showed up and started chasing turkeys around, it was a hoot. After a bit, another pair of deer, mature doe and a button buck, came in. The first doe took offense and the two mommas had a little hoof sparring go on between themselves. Turkeys all still there mind you! The boy and I chuckled and watched. It was a wonder we did not spook anything!

We watched this all for about 45 minutes, hoping for a buck to show. The late arrival doe and button moved off (chased off it would appear) and the turkeys began to filter off to roost I'd imagine. LIght was fading and it was time to shoot.

Bamaboy did not kill a deer last year, but he kept his wits the whole time, waited for a good angle, and dropped the remaing big doe with his departed grandad's .243, ker -flop. The deer fell in its tracks and did not even kick, one of the quickest, cleanest kills I have ever seen. A dandy shot (from support/rail) at about 150 yds.

I was tickled and I bet his Grandad was too.
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