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Congratulations and welcome to the forum.

You didn't quite make out like a bandit, but you got a really good deal.

A Dillon Square Deal set up for one caliber will set you back $380 retail (and discounts are pretty much unheard of). With all the dies ($30 to $40 a set or more, new) and $20 to $30 per box of 100 count bullets . RCBS 505 scale is $50 at least. Tumbler (depending on condition, $15 to $40). Primers are $3 to $4 per hundred.

Did did all right, but not so well that you have to hang your head in shame whenever you see the guy you got this stuff from.

You have about $50 worth of powder there. Some people have a rule to never trust powder from an opened container that has not been under their constant control. People have been known to mistakenly return unused powder from a powder measure to the wrong original container. An unsuspecting subsequent user (you) could get hurt inheriting such a mistake. Getting this stuff from a friend, you can evaluate how much you trust his care.

I would have bought it in a heartbeat and I don't even need another press.

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