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Then you want a S&W CS9 Chief's Special. It's a M3913/3914 shorn of one round's worth of grip length and 1/2" of barrel length.
Yes, I do. Originally I thought the CS9 was the same size as the 3913, but now I'm comparing the two, and the CS9 is definitely smaller. I think this may be the one.

They seem scarce right now, though. If anyone sees one, let me know.

After enough time I purchased a P64 in 9mm Makarov... If you wish to cut cost, while still getting a good reliable gun. That you will be able to find ammo for even in the ammo droughts. The P64 fits your description.
At first I thought, who is this guy with his weird Polish PPK that shoots a round I've never heard of. Turns out, that's a pretty cool little gun, and although I originally doubted one could find ammo for it anywhere west of Moscow, it turns out it's in pretty decent supply, even now! Whooda thunk? I may keep my eyes open for one, just to have something weird. Is is totally reliable, safe, and built tough?

It's a decent round, too, about half way between 380 and 9 in power. I am not crazy about an odd cartridge, though, from a practical point of view. I would like to be able to pick up ammo at Wally World or someplace else with limited selection in an emergency if I need to, and I'm guessing that's not an option with it.

Thanks! Keep the ideas coming!

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