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^^ Move.

Take your intellectual value and your economic value elsewhere. And make sure you tell the leadership of your former state why. Maybe they will get the point. Probably not. In any event... it's your choice where to reside.

But nobody makes 7-round mags for the Glock 17, the Beretta 92, the Sig P226, the Ruger P95, or any other major service pistol.

They will. Market forces will prevail. And 1911's will come back into style.

I used to espouse this idea (probably on this very forum!) ..... until someone kindly reminded me that "Evil is not overcome by fleeing from it." ...... The question becomes, "Run" or "Fight" .... if you can effectively fight, do so. If everyone that did not have "Shall Issue" CCW or better had run when I was saying "move", then we'd not have had the huge gains we have had, and instead would be looking at fewer states with any Carry Rights ....

I just talked to Jim. He said that anyone affected by this law should call him at his office tomorrow. The telephone number is 716.202.4301

He's doing the case pro bono.
God Bless him..... if this is so, and you have a spare dime, bless him as well, as you are able ......

It will almost immediately be challenged in court. The Heller decision protects the ownership of handguns, and of weapons "in common use."
Will that help the folks that have their lives ruined in the present while the case wends it's way through the legal system?

and what is a fella to do in the meantime with his stash of pre ban hi cap mags? court cases can take along time.
Ruthless beat me to it.... Whatever you do, Ruth, don't go all James Yeager ..... Calm and resolute is the better play, all the way around. If you can not abide life in New York, Nebraska is nice, still .......

Maybe this would be a good time for magazine manufacturers and gun makers to simply refuse to sell guns, ammo or magazines to the State of NY or any of the political subdivisions thereof. Or at least no more than a 7 round mag.
This! It'd be difficult to do, with aso many sources, but it cetainly would be just.
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