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In addition, I don't think it is appropriate to malign the members of an organization simply because you don't like that organization.
I am not maligning members of the NRA, if you read my post you would have noticed that I am, myself a member though I will not be when my subscription is up. I am merely pointing out that when a person decides to maybe think about crossing the fence from anti gun to pro gun and they attend a NRA rally and there isn't a single word using more than 2 syllables and everything is kept very vague and simple rather than a detailed approach because they treat their members like uneducated simpletons it does not paint the most flattering picture of it's member base.

and yes I gave them money to defend my gun rights and I get a new sweepstakes in the mail at least once a month giving away up to 25 guns or a $7,000 hunting trip to a single individual with 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and even 10th place prizes for up to 3,000 additional lucky members it really makes me wonder where they are using my money to do more than entertain people. they can raise a fuss over gun laws but where is their power in the house of representative or the senate?
where is the 5 seats in congress devoted to NRA officials to make sure we always have our guns? oh they don't have those, well then where is the seat in the US supreme court that is reserved for NRA representatives? oh they don't have one either... somehow I am starting to think that the NRA has no REAL power to protect my gun rights and never really did in the first place. all they can do is rally a bunch of country bumpkins to protest a law that will be passed regardless of how loud they shout into a microphone.

ultimately, it's the population masses in the large cities that decides the laws that decides the fate of our nation, the occupants of new york city, seatle, miami, los angelas, and chicago have more say in who we elect president than all of the other residents in the nation combined, if gun control were to be put to a vote we would have our guns confiscated tomorrow by majority vote, it's that simple.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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