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pretty sure but could be wrong but cabelas has 91/30s in stock for 149
My local one didn't have any the last time I was there. Some stores probably do have them in stock. Some Big-5s probably do as well.

But all of the regular wholesale places are out.

allans armory has some really nice ones for 150-200 nice guns not the crate and barrel ones everyone else is selling
Allen's Armory has exactly four rifles.

Simpson has what appears to be a really rough Hungarian M44 for $200

There is also a nice looking one on Gunbroker right now, current bid over $300.

Keep in mind, a while back you could go to Big-5 and get a Swede M96 for $99, and a M38 for $129. Now, if you can find them they are 3 times that. Now, there were a lot more Mosins made than Swede Mausers, but supply & demand is as constant as death and taxes. When the supply dries up and demand remains, prices rise.

If that $325 is out the door, I don't think that is a bad deal for an excellent example.
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