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Ha ha yeah good plan to shoot it first! I have a red dot on mine, but so far actually like the standard sights best. I do think I am going to get a nice LER scope sometime soon. I have never shot with a LER scope, or tried a ching sling for that matter- but thinking I'll get them just so as to complete the Col. Cooper experience lol.

In regards to bipods I hear a LOT of guys on here talking about the Harris ones. They must be pretty awesome. I was in a hurry to go shooting one weekend and just ran by Academy scooping up a Caldwell 6-9" swivel bipod for $30 or $40. I knew nothing about the brand- but it's worked great thus far FWIW. The design looks similar to some of the Harris models. It weighs 12oz. I'm not saying they are comparable to Harris or anything I have no clue lol. Just thought i'd share
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