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Well, it's not all good...

I took the first shot with the ML-10. Steady shot, quartering toward me, 135 yards. Obvious hit, the doe ran about 25 yards straight away and bedded down within seconds. While I switched to the other muzzleloader, my uncle picked one of the others (group of 5) and fired a shot from the 12ga. 3 of them, including the one he shot ran about 50 yards south, where his deer tipped over, while the 5th ran and stopped broadside near where the first one I had shot was laying. I lined up and took the shot. Another obvious hit, it dove into the brush... and the first deer jumped up and dove into the brush about 30 yards south of the second one.

The second deer of mine, 150 yard rushed shot from awkward position (even hit my nose with the scope), lay dead 30 yards in the brush.
The first shot, taken from a good position at a closer deer with a more accurate gun, tracked her through 200 yards of very thick brush and lost the trail.

Such is hunting.

I had one remaining round from the batch I used when I missed the two yesterday. I verified it today.... 100 yards, improvised rest, 1" left and 1/4" low. Remembering where the crosshairs were on the 150 yard shot, I can see why I might have missed low. The first one though, seems like it should have been good. Can't explain that one. Ah well, the two misses are preferable to the wounded one.
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