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No one has four foot long arms... and his are not out stretched... Snake is no more than 20-22 inches closer... With a snake that big... (body shape and number of diamonds (I counted 33-35+ depending on how much definition you want to look at) is a good reference point) you would be strained to hold it on a stick (stick must be strong too) with outstretched arms...

And then you have 13-14 rattles and look at how small they are compared to even the smallest end of body...

Yes that is all of 7 feet...

No one has 4 foot arms. That is true, but the comment was in reference to your original posting where the guy is holding the snake closer to the camera via a stick or section of log of some length via his partially outstretched arms. He is definitely forcing perspective. So now we have gone from 8.5' to 7' a significant reduction of about 18% and putting it well under a record length.

Nobody doubts its a big snake, but it isn't the snake that was claimed.
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