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A1abdj, I saw many of your posts here and joined specifically to get your advice. I just picked up an Amsec 6030 safe with the dial lock from an acquaintance for $900. He won this safe in a raffle and it has not been used at all. I have two questions for you, first of all, did I get as good of a deal as I think I did? This seems to a quality safe and well worth the $900. Second question is he says this safe still has the lock disabled and the combination is not yet set. How do I go about getting that set and active? Is that something I can do? I appreciate your help and value your advice, thanks.

Edit to add- he claims the lock is set to floor model mode. I do not know this guy real well myself but he does work for a friend of mine that I trust. My friend vouches for him so in a round about way I do trust him. I was looking at buying a Patriot safe but had a horrible experience trying to purchase it, seems they do not mind telling what I perceived as lies to customers and I even experienced their marketing director calling me to act like a child and scolding me because I questioned their honesty. He actually told me I was not "allowed" to purchase their product before the call was over. I will never deal with such an unprofessional company. That made me laugh a bit.

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