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I think too that it's a lack of any more good surplus (like Greek HXP). Thank God that Privi makes it.. At $0.90/round, it ain't cheap ... but you have to consider what's happened to the value of our dollar over the last couple of years. If not for that, we still might be looking at $0.45/round.

Just be happy you can find anything. Consider the last production dates for military caliber ammo that we all love to shoot (6.5 X 50R, 6.5 X 52, 6.5 X 54, 6.5 X 55, 7 X 57, 7.5 X 54, 7.5 X 55, 8 X 56R, 8 X 57) That we can still shoot WWI and WWII rifles with factory ammo is great for those of you who don't reload.

Just remember this ... your fired boxer brass has value, even if you don't reload. I figure a piece of fired, boxer brass at least the equivalent of $0.20. If you don't reload, bag your fired brass in 50 round bags and bring them to the range when you shoot. If you see a guy/girl shooting any military rifle ... ask them if they're interested in fired boxer brass for whatever you think is a fair per bag of 50. You may be more than pleasantly surprised! FREE MONEY!
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