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Uberti Rifles

I have been eyeing these rifles for some time now and I must say they have to be some of the nicest looking lever actions on the market. I especially like the 1873 line. The 1873 short in 357 mag I would say is my favorite. The problem is I have not had the privilege of handling one of these rifles because no dealer in my area carries them. Problem #2 is they are expensive. Even though they seem to be of high quality, I hate to order one sight unseen. Anyone have any experience with these rifles? I'm not into cowboy action shooting, I'm just an avid gun collector looking to add a quality lever action to the collection. The rifle would see plenty of range time as well as a little hunting. Any info on Uberti rifles you could give me would be appreciated. Also how do they compare to the Japan made Winchesters?

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