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If you are unable to load your own or find good flat point rounds there is a viable trick. Some may scoff but you can improve the terminal performance of factory lead round nose (the easiest stuff to find in .32 S&W(L)) by filing the the nose down so that you have a flat point of about 1/2 caliber. (0.15" in this case). Just be careful about ingesting or breathing in lead dust. You can make up a jig to make it easy to get consistent results.

As to legal ramifications of modified ammo you can make your own call but my feeling is that it would not be a problem in a justifiable shooting especially when you are using such a mild caliber to start with.

Folks have been doing this kind of thing (or using swaging jigs for the same purpose) for years with .22 LR.


P.S. in case you haven't guessed, even though I am a big fan of big bores, I am not of the "anything less than X is worthless" school either. Enjoy you gun and gain as much proficiency with it as you can.

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