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Tayronachan, can you provide a link to your source for the above?

Originally Posted by tayronachan
Adam Lanza was on Fanapt. There is not as much info out there about that now as there was just a few days after the event at Sandy Hook. But you can still find it.
The Fanapt story was a hoax perpetrated by a convicted felon (recently paroled after spending ten years in Federal prison for conspiracy and wire fraud convictions) who traveled to Sandy Hook in violation of his parole, and claimed to be Adam Lanza's uncle. He even posted videos of his trip to his Youtube page...

He's now back behind bars. See this article for details.

Why is the MSM so quiet about that, and why have none in Congress and the MSM mentioned the psychotropic drugs? Could it be because the MSM recieves ad revenue from Big Pharma, and politicians recieve campaign contributions from Big Pharma?
I'd have to call the shootings "false flags through negligence" to get the hi-cap semiautos out of The Peoples hands.
Be a bit careful with this stuff. The moderators here tend to frown on conspiracy theories...

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