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I guess I could have said more about who I am, as well!

I'm sixty, have only been a gun-nut for about 7 years. Went hunting for the 1st time last season for deer and elk. Smashing success, even though I came home without a deer. Had a good time, helped field-dress another guy's doe.

Got into archery about the same time, and love that.

Have wanted a blackpowder gun for a while. Just bought one yesterday at Wallyworld... a CVA Wolf.

Today, sold my AR15 in order to buy a percussion rifle from Midway USA. A Lyman Deerstalker in 50 Cal. I wanted to be able to actually shoot steel or lead balls.

So, I already have the bug, bad.

Thanks for the welcome. I think I'm really going to enjoy this.

I would probably enjoy one of those "Rendezvous"'s as well! I'm still trying to throw a Tomahawk!

EEEeee Haaaaa!

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