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Usually I carry either a full sized px4 40 cal or sometimes I carry a Bersa Thunder 380. For the 380 Thunder, I'd recommend the Galco thumb break holster, because the holster will stop the gun's decocker/safety and hammer from rubbing the spare tire. I carry for defense rounds alternating Buffalo Bore +P HCN and JHP rounds. I practice with the cheaper ammo and only fire the +P when I want to cycle to new ammo (every 6 months just to stay familiar with the higher recoil and pop). Do not use the hard on gun steel casings or flat nosed jamming ammo on the Bersa. Everything else it gobbles ok. The Bersa 380 had problems using non-Bersa magazines. The Bersa mags did fine. Some hate the decocker/safety, some love them. To each their own. If you get the duo-tone, don't use Hoppes #9 on the satin finish (read the warnings on nickle plating). #9 on the internal barrel is ok. The LCP and TCP are much more snappier than the Bersa Thunder 380. My favorite 380 is the Sig P238 for ease of control and slightly less recoil. But I can't get past the cocked/locked feature relying on the flip safety that is then a light single action pull away from firing. Many have done it for years ok. I'm just ot one of them.

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