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I have a blued Colt SAA model 1873 with a Factory letter stating it could be one of two batches delivered in Dec. 1876 with this same serial number 31,625. One batch of 80 pistol went to Spies, Kissam and Co or it could be one of a batch of 200 pistols that went to the U.S. Ordnance Dept. My question is this... the pistol has the inspection mark of L.D. FOR LEWIS DRAPER who was a U.S. Ordnance Inspector. The single letter C is under his initials and it has the single line name and address on the barrel COLT'S MFG. CO. HARTFORD CONN. U.S.A. On the opposite side in a single line it says COLT'S SINGLE ACTION ARMY .45. IT HAS THE STANDARD 2 LINE PATENT INSCRIPTION OF 1871 and 1872. IT IS A 5.5 INCH BARREL WITH RAMPANT COLT GRIPS. THE CYLINDER APPEARS ORIGINAL AND IS NUMBERED TO THE GUN. THE BORE IS SHINEY AND HAS NO PITTING AND APPEARS TO BE FIRED VERY LITTLE FOR IT'S AGE. The gun was refinished at some time but was very WELL DONE [IN MY OPINION, I AM NOT A COLT COLLECTOR].I am going to the Vegas gun show and was wondering what some of you SAA experts thought the pistol MIGHT be worth. I also have a lettered MODEL 1873 MFG'd in 1905, a .41LC that has been nickeled with a 4.75 in. barrel and the same grips...good bore. Both function well. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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