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The best powder so far is IMR 4198. The accuracy issue turned out to be a problem with neck sizing only. When starting out to find an accurate load, the Nosler 40 BT with 21 grains of 4198 was shooting good. At that time I was using new brass that I had passed through the full length die. Experimented with the COAL and was getting an occasional 1/2 inch group at 100 yds which is about as good as I can do anyway. Then things started getting wierd. Long story short, after doing some research in this forum, and reading other sources, it occurred to me that the issue might be that I had begun reusing my brass and the once fired brass was neck sized only. As best I can remember, the accuracy seemed to fall off about the time I started reusing that brass. I got a Hornady headspace gauge and with some experimenting the accuracy has improved to where it was at first. So at this time I am optomistic that the gun and the load are matched well enough for prairie dogging.

As for the suppressor, I don't expect that to improve accuracy, Bart. I am looking for experienced shooters that can attest to the fact that even if the can does shift the POI, the basic accuracy potential of the rifle does not diminsh after mounting the silencer. The purpose of the silencer is to decrease the report so I can shoot next to some rural residences without becoming annoying to the locals.

Thanks for the burn chart info. I will look into that directly.

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