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you have a great start already.I see nothing wrong with wat you have bought,we all start from something at some point.Me I stuck with Lee products till my dad bought me a RCBS Rockchucker press.

Reading is the most important thing,either from books or great sites like this one.Just remember to sometimes take stuff with a grain of salt,for some like to pass on bad ideas thoughts.

Always load in a small amount of ( question ) when loading.I say this for a reason ( saftey ) Me I load with book said loads and judge to wheather it may be safe or not.I'll take a said load then look at the said test gun ( pistol ),and most of the time I go with a middle load for start.I'll too work up from that load or down.

With rifle I found like many others,a ladder test is best to use.You can read a lot on this with better wording than I can type out.So give it a good seach and read up on it.

If you haven't already started building yet I would even seach that one too.Many great ideas on the too,I had to wait 3 years for a building to get a room.Now I can load up and walk away,I even can lock out the family.

Keep us posted and we'll do the same for ya couldn't have picked a better site to join,and ask questions on.
life is great but its better when you can own as many guns you wish to own.for me I haven't bought enough yet.
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