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jcwit, you are under no obligation to attempt to understand, I place no responsibility on the reader to comprehend. I know I am capable of completely missing some, rather than assume I understood Don P., I ask for help. There are not many dies I do not have, I set up at the last gun show at Market Hall in Dallas, I sold a set of Dillon carbide 223 dies, that made one reloader happy, the same event made a bunch of dealers indignant. Not my problem.

I sold close to 30 sets of dies, I did not ask Don P. if he was using carbide sizing dies, I do not use lube when sizing pistol cases with carbide dies, I do want my cases clean.

Barrels, Saturday I took barrels, lots of barrels, nothing, I took chamber gages, home made, few if any understood the concept, I did not sell a barrel, the next day I took cases, first to go were the 223, new, once fired with primers, sized without primers and fired with primers, one person purchases all of them, 600+ cases. Scales, presses and dies along with cases, next time I will leave the heavy stuff, there was a lot of interest in the Turkish rifles, I decided there was something wrong with the ATM, had it been working I could have sold out of Turk 38s. Interested purchasers said they would go to the ATM and then be ‘right-back’ and they never returned.

I found my way to the ATM, not working, I ask, the kind lady said they were issuing cash charged to credit cards.

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