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The accuracy will probably be about the same between the two rifles. From what I hear the long, heavy barrel on the Marlin makes it very front heavy with that hollow plastic stock. I have a SS Marlin XS7 and I love it. I also know that the Savage 10/110 based rifles are excellent. If you are going to lug the rifle around at all, just get the Savage. If you are going to sit at the bench or shoot prairie dogs, I would get the Marlin and immediately buy a Boyd's stock for it. Then of course there's the bedding to deal with. Some have filled the hollow butt-stock on the X7VH with plumbers-putty to balance out the rifle.

I, however, would be leary of buying either rifle sight-unseen and I am willing to bet you can find a Savage 11THXP on a rack somewhere. The Marlin may be very difficult to find and handle before purchasing.
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