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Hictchcock & Muzzy large caliber Rifle.

I came to this subject late. I have a large Caliber Hitchcock & Muzzy that dates to the early 1840's, due to construction. It is at least 50 Cal. Half stock "Hawken" type, Plains Rifle. Patent breech with a silver inlay band separating the breech from the bbl. has a long 2 screw removable breech plug/tang, forward action lock, (no name I can see, and a frontier(?) gunsmith repair of the lock plate. Lock is a 1 screw mount with a fancy filigree 3 point silver plated brass fleur d lis. There are silver plate brass ovals at the bbl single wedge. Silver plated brass fore end cap. Brass toe plate and butt plate, possibly silver plated when new, as traces exist. Silver plated ram rod entry tube that is a bit ornate. There is a home made 5 point star mounted low and tilted slightly forward(point at top)in the cheek piece area, but no raised cheek piece.
Hard to discern figure in the maple wood as it is very dark from use. Hope to have this shootable by the spring.
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