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New guy, first post need advice

I'm quite sure you guys have seen many posts like this since I have seen posts like this on other types of forums. I'd say that my situation is a little unique because I already bought this stuff.

I have a friend that decided to empty some stuff out of his basement and this included reloading equipment. I love going to the range and hunting, and I've actually loaded ammo with a friend of mine but it was under his supervision.

Here is a list of equipment I just purchased. I paid $550 for everything and it is actually all in the original boxes still

Dillon "Square Deal B" turret press with bullet tray and all mounting hardware
RCBS RS2 one-up reloading press with all parts
9mm Reloading Die Set RCBS
.38/.357 Reloading Die Set RCBS
.38/.357 Reloading Die Set Lee
.45 Reloading Die Set Lee
Lyman Model 600 small case tumbler
Lyman Model 1200 large case tumbler
RCBS Model 5-0-5 Reloading Scale
RCBS Kinetic Bullet Puller
Lyman Case Length Gauge
Funnel, 2 RCBS bullet trays, 1 MTM 100 ct .45 bullet box, 1 MTM 50 ct .38/.357 bullet box

as well as:

Bullseye Powder (approx 1/2 can)
Bullseye Powder (approx 2/3 can)
Dupont IMR 4064 Powder (approx 1/2 can) used for reloading .270??

.45 cal 200 gr SWC bulk (approx 100-125)
.45 cal 230 gr FMJ/RN Hornady (1 box of 100)
.45 cal 230 gr RN Speer (1 box of 100)
.38 cal 148 gr SWC bulk (1 box of approx 300)
.38 cal 125 gr FMJ/HP Hornady (1 box of 100)
.38 cal 158 gr SWC/HP Hornady (1 box of approx 300)
.38/.357 148 gr SWC D&J (1 bag of 100)
.357 cal 125 gr FMJ Speer (2 boxes of 100)
9mm 115 gr HP Speer (1 box of 100)

Small Pistol Primers CCI (9 boxes of 100)
Small Pistol Primers Winchester (1 box of 79)
Large Pistol Primers CCI (2 boxes of 100)
Large Pistol Primers Winchester (2 boxes of 100)
Large Rifle Primers CCI (1 box of 100)

9mm - fired but primers not removed (1 bag of approx 300)
.357 - primed but tarnished (1 bag of approx 50)
.357 - not primed (1 bag of approx 100)
.357 - fired but primers not removed (1 bag of approx 150)
.45 ACP - fired but primers not removed (1 bag of approx 125)


8mm Mauser (1 box of 44)

Now he did tell me that the Square Deal B comes from the factory caliber specific, and mine was set up for .38/.357. It can easily be switched for other calibers, but that requires the purchase from Dillon of the necessary conversion kit (dies, shell plates and a couple of other change parts), and these are on their website new for $85 per caliber.

Now to my questions.
1. Did I get a good deal? Seems to me I did based on the ammo alone.
2. Where do I start and what advice would you give?
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