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nobody seems to have gotten to the bottom of the large purchase of ammunition DHS made.
Nobody except those who payed attention to the details. Important things about the DHS ammo purchase/contract:

1) It was a contract securing up to X amount of rounds over 5 years(1 year with 4 1 year options) for a fixed price, they did not take delivery of the millions of rounds all at once, nor might they even purchase that many rounds. All the contract guarantees is that they MAY purchase up to that amount at a previously arranged price.

2) DHS is a huge umbrella organization, some of the highlights of who's a part of the DHS family, Border Patrol, ICE, TSA, Secret Service and Coast Guard, among many others.

Conclusion...even if they had taken delivery of all the ammo, once you total up the tens of thousands of people that need to practice, qualify and have duty ammo for 5 years, it suddenly doesn't seem so odd.

Time for fun with numbers... Border Patrol(now known as Customs and Border Protection) alone has roughly 45,000 sworn agents, IIRC the total of the DHS ammo contracts was 1.2 billion rounds of various ammunition. 1.2 billion/ 5 years=240,000,000 rounds per year, 240,000,000 rounds/45,000 agents=5333.33 rounds/year/agent... So yes it is tinfoil hattery to suggest it was part of a grand master plan or scheme of gun control and ammunition sales.
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