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I am Not trying to create a flame war here. Though I will give my honest opinion that I have formed from 15 years of carrying. For 5 years I carried a full sized 1911 cocked, and locked. Being a taller, and slimmer person it was doable. Though dressing around the gun here in Texas was hot all summer to say the least. Then I moved to the Bersa Thunder 45 UC. I ended the carrying with the safety on due to the fact that it was DA/SA, and the first pull was pretty hard anyway. I keep my finger out of the trigger guard when drawing. I used the safety as decocker only. 5 Years later I skipped the safety altogether. I went iwth an M&P 45 full sized.

After enough time I purchased a P64 in 9mm Makarov. It has been my pocket gun ever since. It has the same profile, and look as a PPK. Same safety as well. DA/SA. First trigger pull DA is around 12 pounds, and long. SA is around 2 pounds, and no more than minor touch. I then came into a Glock 26 I carry it IWB with one in the chamber.

If you wish to cut cost, while still getting a good reliable gun. That you will be able to find ammo for even in the ammo droughts. The P64 fits your description. I was able to find ammo for it at close to 9mm Luger prices when purchased online in bulk. Not only that it was at a time when all of the places had the dreaded words (OUT OF STOCK NO BACK ORDER) with all standard ammo. 9mm Luger being one of those. .380 auto was like trying to find hen's teeth. It took a year to be able to find .380 auto. In that time I made 3 orders of 1000 round of 9mm Mak that shipped out the same day I ordered, and arrived 3 days later.
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