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Fear can be a wonderful thing…Instead of freezing you up it can be channeled along with the adrenalin rush into an unbelievable controlled rage and the fury to prevail.

Things Slowing Down…This actually does happen although nothing slows down, your body is moving as fast as humanly possible at warp speed but your mind is moving even faster at light speed and sees things in slow motion. Absolutely terrifying.

Tunnel Vision can be a wonderful thing….If a man in front of you is going to kill you in the next second take care of him immediately….Worry about your 360 after he’s dead.

Hearing Loss…Only experienced once, as you need to hear to survive, instead of calming it was absolutely terrifying, did not do it intentionally or consciously.

Mindset…As a Soldier you have had hopefully extensive appropriate training and the expectation of firefights and people getting wounded and killed, the enemy, your buddies, even yourself. You have also mentally prepared to kill or be killed. As a civilian, and I agree with Pax and everyone else who says get all the training you can, we go through life not looking for trouble but trying to avoid it and most of us are used to a life that is without danger, so when danger does occur it will be a shock. The more training and mental preparation the better, I have been in firefights where I was there and intensely involved, I have been in firefights where I was intensely involved but detached and not there. As opposed to a military firefight with multiple combatants, a personal civilian firefight will probably be between you and another man and one or both of you are about to die….Nothing could be colder, harder, or more personal.

God forbid it should ever happen to you, but if you don’t get killed or severely wounded, although never easy, like everything else in life it does get somewhat easier after the first time.

Two lessons learned from combat, you probably have heard them before as I and probably others have kicked them around a bit.

1. If a man is not pointing a rifle at you and you are not going to die in the next second, you have no problems and nothing to complain about.

2. You can blow off my leg and I’ll crawl up the mountain on my other leg…..

You can blow off my arm and I’ll fire my rifle with my other arm…..

You can never defeat me…..

All you can do is kill me.
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