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Originally Posted by AH.74
I have been under the impression that aside from the LCI and mag disconnect, there are virtually no differences. In fact, I do recall reading that the feed ramp was improved to help with reliability in the MKIII's. Am I missing other differences?

On the whole, I have heard of very few complaints about the MKIII.
This is correct. Other than what you have said, there are no major differences. I removed the Magazine Disconnects on all my Mark III pistols because I want the magazine to drop freely, and I dont want something keeping my pistol from operating if I lose, or damage, the magazine. Its a 15 minute job to remove. The LCI has never caused me any problems with thousands of rounds downrange. With the removal of the magazine disconnect, the Mark III is the equal of the Mark II.

You are always going to have people argue that one Mark is better than the other. You will never be able to change those opinions over the internet. If you were to grind off all the markings, and identifying features of a Mark II and III, and shoot them side by side, I guarantee that you would have a very hard time identifying which was which. Years later, when you were still shooting, and trying to decide, you will simply give up out of frustration, because there is really no difference.

I have a special love for both of these... the Mark II was the first gun I ever bought, new in 1987, and the 22/45 is the most accurate handgun I have ever owned, or shot. I dont mean that its kinda accurate... its a one ragged hole gun, over and over, at 25 yards.

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