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Newly manufactured firearms get a paper trail attached at birth almost just like people. But in most states the trail ends shortly after sale to a authorized buyer. The FFL is required to make a check to verify that the buyer isn't a prohibited possessor and then the deal is done.

The only way to see that individuals follow the same requirements as FFL holders is to maintain the paper trail similar to a property deed or a vehicle title. But along with this you would have to retroactively require the registration of all firearms and we know what that fight will be like.

In the end it's an empty gesture that will do nothing to "prevent" anyone from doing anything. As has been said, the criminal will break all the laws that stand in the way of getting what he wants. These laws prevent nothing more then masking the real causes of the problem and preventing rational people from taking positive steps to mitigate these causes.

I am leaning toward the simple concept that our brains only function properly when the chemicals are right and balanced. The medical institutions of our country know this but are so proud and idealistic, or simply greedy, that they will not admit it and instead point ineffectual fingers at violent games and movies and of course, the Devil's tools.

That's how I see it from my point of view.
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