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Need Help To Determine Value of A 1903A3

Gun View.JPG

Barrel Markings.jpg

Receiver Top View.jpg

Remington 1903A3

I have the opportunity to buy a pristine Remington 1903A3 and need assistance in determining what I should pay. When I say pristine, the rifle was still in the box that is was shipped in from the NRA back in February of 1962 along with the shipping papers. This is my first time posting photos, hope it worked.

I have plenty of pictures however, it is only allowing me to upload the three that are attached.
The marking are as follows:
Barrel: RA, bomb symbol and 8-43
Left side of stock: RA FJA
Bottom of stock below receiver: square with 97, circle with 27, circle with 32and a triangle with 59
Stock: P with a circle around it.

Serial # 3,937,XXX

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