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I watched the initial reports on some local channel and the anchorman called the gun a 36 caliber. The on site reporter referred to it as a 38. Someone on this thread said it could even have been a .380.
I have seen a number of threads and articles about what knife or gun to get for the "little woman". I don't think if I refereed to one of my female friends as a "little woman", I'd want her to have access to a weapon of any kind for a few hours. At any rate most of these discussions tend to come to the conclusion that a woman should have something with no recoil and preferably in pink.

I'm guessing whatever the caliber, the husband opted for the easiest (read low recoil) for his wife. This unfortunately would probably also be the weakest version.

The sheriff said that "She reportedly fired all six rounds, missing only once. The other shots hit Slater about the face and neck." About the face and neck can mean anything including the ear and shoulder. This is different than five shots to the face.

At any rate this has caused me to rethink my carry gun when my state issues CCWs.
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