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I shoot in frigid MN weather every year. Never had a problem with Glocks or other autos that have been left in the car overnight.
No lube is a bad idea IMO. I use FP-10 on all my firearms and they work fine in sub freezing weather. Even my Mark II will work with FP-10, and I don't clean it each time. If it looks dirty I add a drop or two of oil on the guide rod and bolt. Subsonic ammo won't cycle below 0ยบ, but Mini Mags work fine.
I think I'm going to switch to a light grade of Mobile 1 and try that soon. Can't find FP-10 locally anymore.

The only real trouble I've ever had in winter is getting my gloves pinched between the frame and trigger on S&W revo's on the trigger return, preventing proper reset.
Not an issue with Rugers.
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