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I would if worded right . Here is one of many issues I have with this
`Sec. 932. Regulation of firearms transfers at gun shows

`(a) Registration of Gun Show Promoters- It shall be unlawful for any person to organize, plan, promote, or operate a gun show unless that person--
`(1) registers with the Attorney General in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Attorney General; and
`(2) pays a registration fee, in an amount determined by the Attorney General.
This would seem to be a way to regulate the gun shows out of existence .

Will the AG be able to refuse registration ?

The AG can make the registration cost so high that no one would be able to afford the registration .

In short I like the idea of back ground checks but I can see many ways for them to be abused .
Tolerate- allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of something that one does not necessarily like or agree with , without interference.
If you have some time IMO this is worth a listen/watch but it takes a few minutes to really get going . or a picture of Mohamed
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