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Thanks again Frankenmauser, 150 grain .277 pill leaving the barrel at 2,790 is plenty fast enough for my intentions. I will start testing this loading as soon as I pick up some bullets.
There is a great read in the Handloader mag, just about the .270 win and 35 round groups. And another on the Nosler Partition, both great reads.
I was about to point out that I'm using a 140, not a 150, but Nosler's data is the same for both bullets. So, the same starting load applies.

Yea, I have that issue of Handloader sitting on my desk. The "35-Shot Group" made me chuckle. I don't overlay my targets, but I often hand-plot multiple groups on a single target. Seeing them superimposed over each other can be beneficial.
And, Partitions.... I completely agree.
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