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I suggest the PRO with C.O.R.E. (Competition Optical Ready Equipment). I first purchased the FN Tactical with the RMR red dot the slide is machined for. Great combo with two negatives ie too big and too expensive (FN plus RMR is approx. $1600).

S&W M&P CORE Pro copied the FN and it is easily carried concealed. They comes with 4 mounting "plates" for various miniature red dots. The slide is pre-machined to accept them. I chose the J-Point as it's the lightest & smallest of the red dots to put on mine. There are some aspects of the JP that are an aggravation (not waterproof, can go dead by battery shorting against the pistol steel. Correct this by electrical tape covering battery) . However the trade off is small, light, and less expensive. Installation is a 5 minute job, sighting in a breeze, and the iron sights co-witness. Both M&P & J-Point will cost approx. $900 (at least before all this craziness in gun sales. May cost $10,000 now for all I know (grin). I like the combo and it's very accurate, light, carries well and transforms the pistol into something you can shoot squirrels in the head at 25 yards. Or hit a 8" circle at 75 yards repeatedly. Try one - I bet you like it. Actually I bet you LOVE it.
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