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I have a tendancy to rebarrel alot of the guns I have, that I bought used, to get fresh chambers & rifling ( if they look like they've been shot alot ) if it's a blued / wood rifle I like to go with heavier barrels, as I'm a big guy, & the weight is not as much of an issue, & I shoot mostly paper, & like to dial in for accuracy... the feather weights seem to shoot 1-2 ok, but usually start stringing for 3 or 4 & more shots... I have a couple light weights, just gravitate to the medium / heavy weight barrels

2 years ago, I paid $500.00 for a new unfired Remington 700 100th aniversary of the 30-06 cartridge limited edition rifle... just last month I paid $600.00 for an unfired 80's Remington 700 in 35 Whelen... I guess I figure with all the AR / magazine hype, maybe I can find a bolt gun for reasonable ???
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