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Facts don't matter to the antis - they intentionally lie and change facts to suit their purpose. They have stated, many times, that their goal is to eliminate all forms of gun ownership and destroy the NRA. You have to deal with antis the same way you would deal with liars, bullies, thugs and would-be tyrants. They do not lack understanding, they simply don't want guns or gun owners to exist, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen. What do I mean by this? When they call gun owners "lunatic fringe" and "racist", we need to call them Stalinists and Hitlers, Ted Bundies, or anyone else who likes to prey on and murder defenseless people.

Save the rational explanations for non-gun owners who are simply ignorant about 2nd Amendment and gun ownership. We will ALWAYS lose the fight when we try to fight fair against a bunch of low-down dirty fighters. If you want to win, you have to not only stand your ground, but try to take new ground and learn to fight dirtier than the nastiest gun-banning fascist. This means that the NRA should push politicians to put the repeal of the '89 ban as well as the '86 machinegun ban on the table, organize protests, marches, and provide us with an outlet to display who we are. Our numbers far outnumber any lousy Occupy Movement.

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