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bolt action rifles are exempt from the AWB so they can be as scary as you want witha 5 foot bayonet and nobody is going to sniff at it. the buying frenzy is actually probably due to an increase in use among those that already own enfields. case in point.

I own 2 AR15s, one in 5.56 the other in 9mm, I have meager amounts of both cartridges and a semi will burn through those in a hurry if you are not careful.

on the other hand I have an enfield in 303, and a pair of mosin nagant's in 7.62x54R and a life time supply of ammo for both cartridges...which one do you think is looking more favorable to take out plinking when I know that there isn't a single store, local or online that has 5.56 and 9mm in stock? of course I got lucky with my stockpiles, 1600 rounds of HXP 303 and an additional 800 in high quality hunting ammo that I got for essentially the price of x54R not everyone else is going to get so lucky and so they are still buying to feed the bolts and since retailers are in pandemic craze mode any increase in demand means an excuse to bring up prices, especially since everyone is scurrying for the 'scary assault rifle' calibers and few are paying attention to obsolete bolt action calibers so they may not be trying to keep 303 in stock as much.
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