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A top-break H&R in .22LR has been on my "need one!" list for a while. I haven't yet found one that I was happy enough with to snag...but I intend to.

I want to know what you mean when you said this:
As you know H&R is the PREMIER .22LR double action trigger pull experts.
Was this humor? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm trying to figure it out.

H&R could maybe be referred to as the "rimfire top-break experts" but I'm not sure they were experts in anything else... or anything at all. The double action pull of these revolvers rival a...Iver Johnson, maybe?! Certainly not a Smith & Wesson, a fine Colt, etc etc. They are neat guns, I absolutely want one, but H&R was never really known as a high-dollar gun maker.
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