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Down here in FLA. LGS still has them for $99-$119.
donp, I hight doubt that those are the prices for M44 carbines, regardless of nation of manufacture, MAYBE 1 91/30 which is the most common rifle in the world but the M44 was made in much smaller numbers, for a much shorter period of time and unless you get one of the cheap chinese type 53 copycats and have your own C&R there is no way of picking one of these up at today's price for less than $150.

if you know for certain that it's hungarian and you really want it as a link to your family heritage then by all means buy it. I really don't like the idea of paying more than $250 for a mosin of any type but then again they have little sentimental value to me so I'm a little more biased than some. some places have higher C&R pricing than others, I haven't seen a run of the mill 91/30 for less than $200 in 2 months.
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