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I use a home made case spinner to clean cases for short runs, meaning if I choose not to tumble cases for 1 hour + I can spend less time spinning 20 cases for a short run. I always take a box of spun/loaded rounds with me to the range (JIC), just in case someone at the next bench is vain, nothing like bling to settle them down.
I fail to see how the above statement is in fact true.

If I want to tumble 10/20/50/100 cases, or even more there is little time involved.

1. Dump cases into tumbler and flick switch. 5 seconds at the most

2. Flip switch off, dump cases into colander and sift out media. 10 seconds at most.

Do I set around twiddling my thumbs while cases are in the tumbler, not hardly. Heck I even let it run over night sometimes.

Now you can tell me you can spin polish 10 cases in 15 seconds?????

What is the point of a case locking itself into the chamber?

Regarding case lube, I use Unique, Mink Oil, or lanolin.
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