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Don't see a need for it. What I do is treat my media with Meguiar's Mirror Glaze fine cut cleaner (white liquid rubbing compound). Hell of a lot cheaper than the stuff they sell at Midway and its ammonia free and leaves the brass with a slick feeling.

Don P., I am not a fan of slide and glide shooting like bench resters, when I fire a case I want it to lock onto the chamber. I tumble after sizing to remove lube, I use media and nothing (added), I wipe cases before firing. I am the fan of 100% contact.

Don, you are not using case sizing lube? and you are firing the slick/smooth cases?

I use a home made case spinner to clean cases for short runs, meaning if I choose not to tumble cases for 1 hour + I can spend less time spinning 20 cases for a short run. I always take a box of spun/loaded rounds with me to the range (JIC), just in case someone at the next bench is vain, nothing like bling to settle them down.

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