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The tula factory would have put a star, the ivhevsk factory will have a hammer and sickle
Ivhevsk, depending on the year of manufacture either had a bow & arrow, or an arrow in a triangle. Lots of details on barrel markings here:

Frankly I like the WW2 era Mosins. The Fascists were at the doorstep, the factories were cranking out rifles as fast as they could to defend the motherland, and it shows. They didn't spend a lot of time on finish work, but they all function, are quite robust, and are sufficiently accurate for the need.

Part of the reason they are still in service today, 122 years later.

If you really want a cool Mosin, order an original PU sniper from Classic Arms.

On edit: Looks like AIM has them too:
Big-5 occasionally sells repro snipers, which are a reproduction scopes and mounts slapped on whatever the next rifle from the crate happens to be for about the same price, but these are the real deal.

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