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it seems logical to me to collapse the spring in a controlled maner...
While it is clearly an intellectually pleasing concept, what do you see as the performance advantages of the recoil spring being collapsed in a controlled manner?

I only have one CZ at the moment, but I've have owned multiple CZs at the same time at different times, over a period of years. I have never noticed differences in performance between those with full-length guide rods or standard guide rods that can't be attributed to other factors.
The Wolff recoil springs offered for CZs are really springs for the similar Witness, but are much larger in diameter (to fit on the larger-diameter Witness guide rods). A result, the Wolff springs, installed in a CZ, do not fit snugly on either the full-length or standard guide rods and clearly allow more SLOP in the springs when used. (You can see it in wear marks on the barrel and frame, as the spring rubs there during recoil.)
Regardless of the spring diameter or type of guide rod used, if the new spring has the proper compression weight the results (on target) always seem the same.

(I don't have access to a Ransom Rest or the proper inserts for my guns, but that would allow a more-meaningful comparison.)

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