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Shot my buddies 30-06 RA about a week ago. Took us a little while to bring the Nikon scope into kill zone. After that we were seeing 1-1/2" groups at 100yds with Fed premium 165 sierra BT. Front rest only. We pumped some miscellaneous boxed ammo from Hornady and Remington through it. Cleaned well when we got home.
Yesterday we shot the rifle again using Rem core loc 180's. Front rest only I was able to hold 3 shots touching at 100. His results not quite as good but still respectful at 2".
The only odd thing about this rifle is that it has a weird plastic vibration sound when shooting. I assume its the floating fore grip. The stock and mag on this gun are very functional yet IMO seam rather cheep. Its not what I am used to in terms of quality that I see from my old Mauser or Remingtons.Take into consideration that this is a $375 rifle I shouldn't be surprised. I would proudly own one. And it can shoot.
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