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Went to the Vandalia show Sunday...crowds wasn't bad at all...almost normal except for faces I hadn't seen before. Stupid prices on ARs and Aks as expected...low on ammo of course. Ammos was way high considering LGS in Columbus was offering at $55/100.

Not needing either, I did find a replacement stock wrench and other little stuff I needed to restock on without issue.

This is all going to blow over soon...even the media has acknowledged that if guns were controllable before, the massive boost in sales due to Obama had now put so may more into circulation that there is no way to impact it now. Media says the focus should be on standard capacity mags.

I don't see how they could even push that through now that many libs and democrats are new AR owners.
Above is based on the opinion of a 20 year Small Arms Marksmanship and Training Unit USAF instructor with more than 30 years in competitive shooting sports. Your mileage may vary.
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