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One would suspect that a person with your experience would know that where the bullet lands is a lot more important than what the bullet is. Train to make the bullets land where you want and even a hit from the lowly 22LR will kill a person where they stand.
Anyone who's ever read what anything I've written knows I don't think it takes a howitzer to "stop" a threat. As a matter of fact when it comes to the animal world I think most of us are pretty much wuss's. It's our minds that get in the way. But you'll see I high-lighted a portion of your statement which for all practical purposes is bunk. Where you hit is not "a lot" more important than what you hit with. Yes, the old adage a hit with a .22lr is better than a miss with a .44 is true. But a hit with a .44 trumps a hit with a .22 every time (location being the same). Same for a bullet of proper constuction for the job at hand vs. the wrong choice. I don't care if it's the arm, the belly, the head or the heart what you hit with does count. If it didn't I'd be deer and coyote hunting with a .22.
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